Welcome to Vwomen.net, Viaggio Women Network, an extra ordinary women organization which is dedicated not only to women, also to humanity. This organization is part a growing company called Viaggio Network. First, our foremost Acknowledgement that we have to admit. We are not professional in any field we have...

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Culture is a way of life of a group of people–the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that they accept, generally without thinking about them, and that are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next. In most societies today culture diverse, instead of bringing prosperity...

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A new approach to the management council based thinking and collective wisdom in the world has been known for many years. Further, to build a strong and everlasting organization, we are relying on every member’s opinion and effort.  When we are considering everyone’s participation in our system, besides the...

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Viaggio Network

Welcome to Viaggio Network, a Viaggio Jewelry company Incorporated in California June of 2007. Viaggio,  In Italian means “JOURNEY” and rhymes with the word “Bellagio.” At Viaggio Jewelry, we combine journey and luxury to bring you a much more dynamic, informed and exciting life style. Considering different business models,...

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Viaggio Women Network’s primary website “Vwomen.net” The network, after going several reorganization including our website, has introduced an interactive site which can be very useful tool to address women's issues, social, emotional, legal and economical in a practical manner This site utilizes a dynamic multi-site functionality in a content...

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In search for the most effective approach to network sharing concept,  we are considering referral and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has a similar structure to referral marketing as they both use incentives to drive new customer revenue. The key difference is that affiliate marketing focuses on third-party brand advocates...

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Viaggo The distributor manages the jewelry distribution to our merchant affiliates Affiliate Distributor program Independent contractors, receives 1099 Available in Southern California This is an offer to our qualified members, the opportunity to join Viaggio jewelry sales management program, or we refer it to as “Distributor”. The distributor manages...

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Organizational Funds

Viaggio Women Organizational Funds. At Viaggio Network financial metrics will be the standard for assessing a firm’s performance. This is for important for our organization to establish and monitor specific and measurable financial strategic goals on a coordinated, integrated basis, thus enabling the firm to operate efficiently and effectively....

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Viaggio Concept

Understanding Women Needs and Dreams Assets and Tools Fun Approach Priorities in Order.Understanding Women extraordinary qualities such as strength, relationship specialists, natural givers, persistence, compassionate, compatibility and multitasking, which just a few to mention, place her in a very well qualified leadership position. Also Considering all these every day...

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