A new approach to the management council based thinking and collective wisdom in the world has been known for many years.

Further, to build a strong and everlasting organization, we are relying on every member’s opinion and effort.  When we are considering everyone’s participation in our system, besides the executive management officers, an organized and systematic council involvement makes that possible.  

Besides, implementing a new legislative form of authority, assist the officers functionality aligned with our organization bylaw. That itself, guarantees the organization’s integrity and internal consistency.

In global perspective, countries with diverse cultural and linguistic communities, people coexist mainly through a strong legislative branch.

When we are seriously contemplating multiculturalism in our organization, the only way to converge and align people with such diverse mentality and ethnic groups like the one we have now, the council management would the only way to get these polar societies on the same page, and bring some sort of tranquility to our organization and consequently to our society.

Committees are formed around interest in a particular platform or technology, and include members with roles across the ecosystem. Councils are formed around a functionality, and members involved have that function in their primary role.


Obviously, and the most certainly, such council management system helps the members to appoint their board of directors to set the policies of the organization, and appoint (and fire) senior management personnel in Viaggio Women Nonprofit Corporation in the future.

The council’s structure

As we understand, this is an unprecedented challenge to any organization which has to face off, there is no such structure model to follow. Then we have to design one of our own.

Since we are based in California, we may set up the first council’s representation from ““megapolitan areas” that the members are joining in from. For instance, when we have number of members from Bay area or southern California, they may form their own unique council to represent them as they wish. Subsequently, one representative from each of these council comprise the national council, which the vwomen.net officers collaborate with their course of action.

Then that continues with the other major megapolitan area in the United State or any other countries.

By implementing social media in proper use for this purpose, and monitoring it attentively, the process will take its own course of action.

Have to remind potential members, Viaggio Network reserve the right to veto any decision made by the councils or officers.


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