Diplomacy advantage and Network preferences

In today’s societies, ideological and cultural differences, at the local and international levels, have caused catastrophic disasters.

The people of these societies may impose their opinions on others through so different ways including inciting and even inducing.

In the meanwhile, we have witnessed organizations and other foreign powers have often seems taken sides such that have had positive or negative influences on these developments.

People have to understand the distinction between positive and constructive thoughts compared to theories of aggression without any scientific and practical backing, although seemingly attractive, could be considered decisive criterion and absolute essential.

Collaborating with friends and sympathizers in the field of desired social activities to promote self-esteem, effective negotiation, and organizational management could initiate a drive to discovring the right path to the truth.

By prioritizing the fundamental issues and considering laws at local and international juristiction and avoiding emotional reactions,it will assist us in establishing a credible social organization.

Admitting the multiplicity of beliefs and respect and keep fairness for all other cultures, although maintaining of our own, even in the case of infinitely strange and senseless look to open channels of communications with institutions and societies

With a flexibility which has been accepted and renovated in all historical ideologies and theologies, armed with rationality, and reasoning, without any presupposition, attempt to engage in a discussion and dialogue, toward achieving a coordinated approach to a fundamental and intellectual understanding  and cultural coexistence.

By promoting and reinforcing these fundamental and constructive activities, people become more aware and able to identify the false slogans and promises of individuals, groups and opportunistic companies that are solely concerned with their agendas. Consequently, people with sincere intention and creative approach could achieve their ideal goals without any distraction.

In Line with these principles , Viaggio Network is committed to reflect the thoughts and activities of individuals and progressive groups, therefore it will refrain any cooperation with extremist, fanatical, belligerent and self centered individuals.


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