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The distributor manages the jewelry distribution to our merchant affiliates

Affiliate Distributor program

Independent contractors, receives 1099

Available in Southern California

This is an offer to our qualified members, the opportunity to join Viaggio jewelry sales management program, or we refer it to as “Distributor”.

The distributor manages the jewelry distribution to our merchant affiliates, and receives 20% commission. They also, for the time being, can take advantage of affiliate referral commission to earn additional 20%. That means when distributor is making a sale, without any referral from any

affiliates, distributor makes 40%.


without any referral from any

affiliates, distributor makes 40%.

The distributor receives the jewelry inventory listed in     plus all other inventory software and packaging  material.  ( must have enough space in your residence to place and manage the distribution)
( there is no purchase or deposit involved.)

Prepares and manages finished product for shipment to our customers, after collecting the payment from the client.

The distributor prepares the order items from the inventory which is provided, then pack them in a box and make the shipment.

She will maintain and track of all required information associated with the ordering and production process.

As a result of operational inefficiencies which come up with customers, she will actively participate in resolving issues at any level of process.

Any order the distributor receives would be initially $240 and for client to remain on contract, minimum $20 a month.

Who qualifies?

Women who has known to Viaggio administration, and have demonstrated excellent integrity and fairness in the past may qualify to receive the jewelry inventory at no cost or required to make any kind of deposit.

Women who has known Viaggio administratior in the past may qualify

Advancement Opportunities


With organizational structure and financial planning, this position will be available in other areas and countries. Through expansion of this network, distribution management status will be offered consequently from our top performance distributors.


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