Viaggio Women Organizational Funds.

At Viaggio Network financial metrics will be the standard for assessing a firm’s performance. This is for important for our organization to establish and monitor specific and measurable financial strategic goals on a coordinated, integrated basis, thus enabling the firm to operate efficiently and effectively. Financial goals and metrics are established based solid industry standards.

Further, Social and cultural activities in line with economic and commercial activities, on the other hand are very effective and has paved the way for both growth.


Viaggio Network with the help of tools, resources and ideas in our network business marketing, allows our affiliate members, merchants to create a Source of income for their own and from that income, they may help women organization fund with matching schedule percentage from the Viaggio Network.

-Active affiliate members and businesses will have advantage to create personal site in “” website.

– Members of the network without any financial commitment, but the conditions listed, in exchange for introducing merchants and professional firms, either from selling wholesale fashion jewelry or advertising in Viaggio network media, based on current Viaggio Schedule Commission, get compensated or generate income.

-Also few other money making projects are in the pipeline which require technical, legal preparation and lots money to get them going.

For instance, every woman could have a website in “” and be able to generate income in partnership with Viaggio network.

A virtual women only market in heart of Network.

Viaggio Network greatest challenge,

Viaggio Women Organization Funds (VWOF)

To advance the social goals of our organization, this is nothing but the prosperity of women; we need the best equipment and implements of any kind which requires minimal unwanted burden on the shoulders of others.

One of the most common and useful device is a non-profit organization.

To set up this institution and our other programs, such as the division of budget, a planning and a creative, advanced capital management system needed.

We leave the proposal and fund division for each agency to women council and confirmation of Viaggio management.


2019 Viaggio Scheduled Commission

Viaggio Affiliate’s Revenue (VAR) = the amount affiliates made from Viaggio Network products.

Contribution Revenue  (CR) = the amount affiliate contributes from (VAR) to (VWOF).

Viaggio Percentage Match (VPM) = the amount Viaggio Network will match of (CR)


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