Welcome to Viaggio Network, a Viaggio Jewelry company Incorporated in California June of 2007.

Viaggio,  In Italian means “JOURNEY” and rhymes with the word “Bellagio.”

At Viaggio Jewelry, we combine journey and luxury to bring you a much more dynamic, informed and exciting life style.

Considering different business models, the traditional business focuses mainly on financial aspect which only the only the relationship they have with their client. In last few years, we are witnessing companies providing products, along with social activities and charity as well, experiencing additional success.

New creativity era also holds a paradigm for business models.

Viaggio jewelry reinvented herself accordingly into a social, cultural and economic organization as one entity in as a unique network model.

In this business model Viaggio could go beyond recognizing the economic activity of formal or institutionalized culture to include the informal non-market activity of culture creation and use.

The network structure is a newer type of organizational structure viewed as less hierarchical and more flexible than other structures. In a network structure, managers coordinate and control relationships that are both internal and external to the organization.

networking system which allows social groups get engaged further in social, cultural and entrepreneurship activity.

New entrepreneurship is really all about people needs and provides the best approach. This is probably part of new free market philosophy which has led to much prosperity

To encourage these entrepreneurship activity, we provide a means for business professionals to conduct their business on the same platform as social and cultural activists.

These organizations come to close contact with businesses and share common strategy to achieve beneficial goals.

Merchants and professionals may also take advantage of network site functionality by creating a site in “vwomen.net” and introduce their product and services to our network, in order to promote their own business and generate extra income from collaboration of growing network.

Integrity and Trust,

Our future success depends on maintaining the trust and confidence of the individuals and groups of people who rely on us and with whom we do business. We can accomplish this objective by conducting ourselves honestly, with consideration for others, with respect for our professional obligations and with regard for legal and regulatory requirements.

We wish you whole lots of success and prosperity and certainly hope, have you on our journey.

**We reserve the right to modify or cancel any offering in order to improve our commitment to upholding our Network functionality.


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