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The network, after going several reorganization including our website, has introduced an interactive site which can be very useful tool to address women’s issues, social, emotional, legal and economical in a practical manner

This site utilizes a dynamic multi-site functionality in a content management system platform which uniquely customized to facilitate information distribution in a network environment.

Also with its advanced content resource management allows the members to create web logs on just platform.

Unfortunately, we have to admit the number of websites and blogs can be assign to this platform currently it is quite limited.

we certainly hope, in a not very long distant future, the network could remove this restriction.

based on Viaggio network guidelines, the individuals and entities could have a site or weblog on “” are as follows: –


– Viaggio network internal sites,

– Since Viaggio is a multicultural organization, we will assign a website to any applied culture.

– Businesses which are holding a current contract with Viaggio Jewelry Inc, which includes sales, advertising, etc.

– qualified Women organizations.

– Eligible active members of our network.

– Qualified academies and professionals.

It will reflect women’s opinions

One of Viaggio Network primary goal is to encourage members, from any culture or background, get into the habit of expressing their opinion in writing on any subject*.

Beside your written pieces, we proudly introduce and reflect your other art work material on this site.

Another Web application would be the use of, which will be limited to a list of Viaggio partners and sponsors in addition to our listing workshops, meetings and events in which we incorporate.

We amplify your events* and cultural activities* the ones are constructive and benefit your network, culture and community.

The women organization may benefit from several revenue streams could be available through  including advertising, subscription, affiliate, transaction, and virtual goods.

Further, the funds and finances will publish on its related financial departments from our various Viaggio Women’s Network affiliates divisions.

Then the management will issue the (VWOF) distribution among different Viaggio Women related groups.

The Viaggio Women Organization Funds (VWOF)

To advance our social goals this is nothing but the prosperity of women; we need the best equipment and implementation of any kind which requires minimal unwanted burden on the shoulders of others.

One of the most common and useful devices is a non-profit organization.

To set up this institution and our other programs, such as the division of the budget, a planning and a creative, advanced capital management system needed.

This claim creates great challenge to prove the idea and deliver such encouragement. It requires a unique strategy to engage into people’s minds and culture in our communities and globally.

With enormous ways of communications, Viaggio makes  every effort to keep the information were communicated between organization and businesses secure and current at all times across the board.

In house website management.

In technology era, due to the high speed information exchange, the standards are raised and people’s expectations are constantly increasing accordingly.

With this important trend, especially in the virtual world, the network has been devoting itself to designing and managing the site internally, which has enabled its transformation into a network.

Although this move has led to an initial investment and a long-term delay in its use, it has added significant capabilities in terms of flexibility in management, increasing the frequency of updating, and lowering the cost of administering the site.

Monitoring and control within the network and being independent of outside experts will enable us to facilitate several updates daily.

Our commitment to uphold your opinion will force us to do everything possible to achieve this milestone on our journey.

*based on approved material and timing allowance.

**We reserve the right to modify or cancel any offering to improve our commitment to uphold our Network functionality.

With its advanced content resource management,
it allows the members to create web logs on just platform.


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