Welcome to Vwomen.net, Viaggio Women Network, an extra ordinary women organization which is dedicated not only to women, also to humanity. This organization is part a growing company called Viaggio Network.

First, our foremost Acknowledgement that we have to admit. We are not professional in any field we have intended to thrive including every written pieces or material have shared on this site which contains countless of errors.

We urge our network participant assist us in comment section or by any means possible.

In general, we are building a strong platform to assist our people to built a lasting confidence in a totally energetic environment. Bridges to our future generation ideological process, to pave the road for us, so together we could come to a solid understanding on making the right choices.

Our most concerns are family values and hoping to bring more serenity to marriages and relationships.

Encouraging diplomacy as effective alternative solution to confrontational approaches in disappointing negatively and drastically polarizing societies.

Considering this organization as a creative network organization; we never stop to grow and innovate.

Viaggio Women with numerous plan and projects in wide area of social concerns will help the network members and groups energized, engaged and actively get involved.

Further, our council Management and multiculturalism proposal will assure the network leadership integrity and a dynamic achievement.

In order to build a strong network, as we utilize the the amazing world of social media, we tend to encourage  getting together physically or  the old fashion way  to create that human sparks, energizing the humanistic enthusiasms.

With that in mind, “Vwomen.net” will formally will be inaugurated a day after 2018 International women’s day celebration which coincided with our first great gathering in Laguna Hills community center, and we will continue to promote women’s workshops and Firesides thereafter.

That’s not all. Our projects and offerings are so vast that we need to share them at opening ceremony. Please join us in our international women celebration, and until then, for further announcements we will keep you updated through women.net site and our social network media.

Please forgive us for numerous inaccuracies. We welcome any suggestion.


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